Privacy Policy

The majority of this website is available only to registered users. To become a registered user, NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff participants and beneficiaries must complete the application form provided on this site. We are providing this notice in order to describe the site's online information collection and use practices. This privacy policy applies only the information collected on this site, and not to any other information that the NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff collects about you in other forums, including e-mail correspondence and via telephone.

Using 'Cookies' to Monitor Website Usage

In order to make the site as user-friendly and informative as possible, your usage of the site will be monitored and recorded via the use of a 'cookie.' A cookie is a piece of data that a website can send to your computer. A cookie is not a computer program; it cannot read data from your computer or embed any commands in your computer. While cookies can, and are used to, identify repeat visitors to a website, they do not contain any personal identifying information such as your email address, user ID, or password. Cookies cannot gather any personal information about you other than information you provide voluntarily, such as if you choose to register on the site.

The NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff uses cookies to ensure security. By examining cookies during a visit, the website can verify that the user requesting an action is still the same user who logged on to the site. Cookies also keep track of aggregate statistics for a website, such as the total number of visitors to the site, the server location from which each visitor accesses the site, and the number of pages each visitor views. The NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff collects this information, but never sells or enters into any arrangement to provide this information to a third party. The NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff uses this information internally as a tool to improve the quality of the information and services offered through the site.

Most browser programs can be set to alert you when a website sends a cookie to your computer. Most browsers also provide a way for you to remove cookies from your computer. If you tell your browser to deny cookies while visiting this site, the visit will be terminated for your protection.

Information Collection

The NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff can only use the information it receives about you and your family for specific purposes, including, but not limited to:

Privacy of Protected Health Information

Personal information that is unique to you, and can be used to identify you, may be considered protected health information under the terms of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ('HIPAA') and is subject to the terms described in the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices available on this site. Please refer to that Notice for additional information.

Information Transmission

All personal information you provide is protected and encrypted before being transmitted to us. Once transmitted to us, information is stored on secure servers.

Specific inquiries about the site's privacy policy should be directed in writing to:

Privacy Official
NALC Health Benefit Plan for Employees and Staff
P O Box 678
Ashburn, VA 20146

*Be sure to include the member's name and identification number as it appears on your ID card